I have worked with PJ for years on different festivals in downtown Saratoga Springs. Kids love his face painting and the parents ask him back year after year. Affordable, professional and AMAZINGLY talented. Worth every penny.

Dawn Oesch

Mr. Duell provided some airbrush make-up styles on some performers that participated in my company’s Halloween shows at the The Great Escape. I know he is passionate, professional and committed to providing the best work and the most complex characters he can! Bravo!

Maria Rivers, Sr VP, Encore International, Inc.

I have worked at several haunted attractions within the capital district and have had PJ Duell as a makeup artist for over 5 years. Regardless of the character of theme, his work is beautiful and he always pays careful attention to detail. He never fails to bring my crazy character requests and ideas to life, not to mention he is a blast to work with!!


Ben Dunlavey, Ballston Spa, NY

We discovered PJ at the Victorian Street walk in Saratoga. My nine year old daughter requested PJ’s face painting talent for her birthday party in January. PJ transformed all thirty party goers into their hearts desire within an hour and a half. PJ was affordable, friendly, and accomodating. The best surprise was not in his book of choices…….the boys wanted mustache’s AND bam all the boys sported cool stache’s. Thank you PJ! Juliet was so happy

Jennifer Lyons, Overjoyed Mom

PJ is a fabulous make-up artist! He knows how to take any image, any idea and bring it to life on your face-and quickly, too! He painted me green and made me Elphaba-beautiful in under 3 minutes without any unpleasant bristles to the eye or spilled glitter on my costume. I couldn’t have thought up any better an artist!

Amelia, The Wicked Witch

I have known and worked with PJ for over 10 years. He wears many hats and each one is unique, creative and expertly crafted. His hair and makeup skills are flawless, his leadership abilities are more than capable, and he even recently gave me a full head of dreadlocks that I am more than pleased with. He is nothing less than professional and would be an asset to any company or organization that hires him.

Lady Riggy, Customer at The Forbidden Oddities Sideshow

Worked with PJ at Six Flags haunted house for several years, he did an amazing job with all of our make up. Drove home from work one night with latex make still on, had a big gash in my head that was dripping blood , my throat was slit from ear to ear also dripping blood , Well I got pulled over by the state police, and I tell you never saw a police officer jump so high , must have looked pretty real to him lmao. Love PJs work he is amazing.

Kathy Sidusky, Nurse

I had the pleasure of working with PJ Duell summer of 2010 at The Great Escape. He is dedicated to his work and he exceeds expectation. He is extremely personable and makes anyone feel comfortable.

Lindsey Amos, Coworker

PJ “Amazing” Duell! If you are in need of a makeup artist CONGRATS you found the guy! I am blown away with his makeup skills!!!

Jordan, Coworker

On short notice, PJ agreed to do my 7-yr old daughter’s birthday party on a Sunday afternoon. He showed up on time and with all his gear and was respectful of our home. He didn’t let lots of raucos around him distract him in doing the faces of 5 beautiful butterflies, 2 scary skeletons, an intricate kitty-cat, and even a puppy muzzle on our baby! Somehow, he managed to get through all those kids in only 45 minutes! He cleaned up, left not a spot behind him and was on his way with many happy children in his wake. Thanks PJ!

Sasha Pardy, Adirondack Winery